Sunday, 11 September 2011

Why I Won't Be Blogging As Much??

I've recently started college, where I will be taking Psychology, Sociology and Maths, but unfortunately these are very demanding subjects and I'm expected to do the same amount of work outside of college, as I do inside, and around exam time, I've been told my free time will be for sleep and probably nothing else.

Fortunately I will only actually be in college for 3 days a week, though more of 2 and a half. On Wednesday I'll be there from 9-12, Thursday: 9-5 and Friday 9-4.30, not including the hour and half it takes me to get home, and already within the 3 days I've actually been at college, I've witnessed my sleep dramtically decrease, so I will probably spend alot of time asleep.

I am going to try and read when I can, and keep up blogging as often as possible, but sometimes when I just get home from college I want to relax laid in bed, trying to rid of my headache.

I am so sorry to have to take a slight break from blogging, but getting into a routine for college is far more important.
Anyway I will go now, as I have 9 pieces of homework to do by Thursday, so I better get busy!

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