Saturday, 24 July 2010

Book Review: Noughts And Crosses by Malorie Blackman

Title: Noughts And Crosses + An Eye For An Eye
Author: Malorie Blackman
Release Date:
Price (English Pounds): £6.99
Series: Noughts and Crosses book 1
No. Pages:478

This thought provoking book will linger in your mind long after being read.

Nought and Crosses, is the first book in the Noughts and Crosses trilogy, which also includes the novella book An Eye for an Eye, which Malorie Blackman wrote for World Book Day a few years back.

Noughts and Crosses is a book mainly focused on politices and racism.
Sephy and Callum, the two protaganists of the story are both from different races, who fall in love. Sephy is black, also known as a cross, also she is daughter to one of the countries most powerful men, Callum is white, also known as a nought. And they are both living in a world where Crosses rule, bascially kind of the oppisite of what was happening a few decades back.

They were first introduced, when Callum's mother worked for Sephy's family as a nanny. Sephy and Callum spent a lot of time together back then, but their mothers had a fall out, and Callum's mum was sacked. But to the distaste of their parents wishes Sephy and Callum still carry on being friends in secret.
But Callum's family slowly fall apart due to the Liberation Militia, a groups of freedomfighters, fighting for equal rights between Crosses and Noughts. And Sephy moves away to a boarding school.

A few years later, they meet again and all trouble breaks out.

The main reason I enjoy this book is because it gives people the awareness of racism, and what it can cause, and how people are effected by it, still today people are racist, even after all races have been given equal rights. Even after readin this book a while ago, the story line lingers in my mind, making me think before i will do soemthing, which may be classed as discrimination.

The story is well written and planned out, i enjoy that you can follow both Sepht and Callum throughout a few years in the story, and i dont feel likt it has been rushed like in some books. Also the characters are well developed and you can tell they are bestfriends who basically depend on each other to keep their world spinning.

This is a great book, which everyone should read, even if you don't find yourself into this kind of thing, you will be pleasantly surprised by how much you enjoy it.

I give this book


  1. I agree excellent book absolutely loved it (and the rest in the series)

  2. Hay =)
    I've got that one and the second part standing in my bookshelf! I'm SO looking forward to it. Now even more than before... Thanks for the review ♥
    I'll follow you ^^