Sunday, 1 January 2012

My opinion on the book blogging world-Part 1

After over a year of blogging as much as I can I have just a mere 166 followers, compared to people who blog for about 3 months and end up with nearly a 1000, does it bother me? No, it honestly doesn't.
I feel like the world of book blogging has been overtaken by people who are not passionate about sharing the opinion of their favourite books, but to gain a form of fame in this world, and also receive as many free books as they can.

On a weekly basis we see some of the more famous book bloggers, come out with Advice post's and Hints and Tips (which is a great thing for them to do), most saying the same thing:
  • Make your blog look amazing and eyecatching as you can, to persuade people to check out your blog.
I care about how my blog looks, but I would not put the appearance of my blog before anything else, all I can think is, if your willing to judge my blog by the appearance instead of the content, then your lose, simple as.
  • Blogging takes commitment, do it as often as you can!
I blog as much as I can, though I refuse to review every book I read, and even if I have to I'll spend a few weeks not blogging. Why? Because this is my blog, no one elses. I blog for my fun and entertainment, not use this as my job. I have college and work, and well much more to do in my life, then spend all day blogging.
  • Make your reviews sound as professional as possible.
This is a bit of advice I agree with, but also disagree with. Yes we all want to be reading amazing reviews, whether positive or negative, but like me, some people just are not that good at reviewing books. I put my honest opinion, and I feel like this is something which has been lost in the blogging world, just to force everything to sound so professional, hence why I try and make my post's as casual as I can, especially seeing as it's mainly Teen reader's I'm blogging for, and not all these author's and publishers.
I'm not the best writter, I don't spell well, nor do I use long words, but I do believe that my blog is the best I can make it, and I'm proud of that.

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