Thursday, 2 September 2010

Book Review: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Title: Catching Fire
Author: Suzanne Collins
Release Date (England): 7th September 2009
Publisher (English): Scholastic
Price (UK pounds): £6.99
Genre: YA- Adventure
Series: 2nd book in the Hunger Games Trilogy
No. Pages: 480

Catching Fire is the sequel to Suzanne Collin’s bestseller Hunger Games, which completely mesmerized teenage book lovers, beyond belief, with its incredible writing and unique story line.

After her victory at the Hunger Games, Katniss returns home to live in the Victor’s Village, but she misses her old life, where she could live in her old home and hunt with Gabe, her best friend who is know forced to work in the mine’s 6 days a week.

But just before the Victors Tour, Katniss receives a visit from the President of Panem, after he believes Katniss has caused the Districts to start a rebellion. Now Katniss needs to convince the president that she did not mean to start a rebel, keep up her love with Peeta, and take part in the annual 75th Hunger Games tournament which this year includes constants who were once victors.

When reading hunger games I couldn’t find myself able to put it down, I literally had to force myself, with its addicting storyline, there was never a good place to take a break. Its almost as gripping as Hunger Games, with its unexpected twists, I could never of guessed what was going to happen next.

Part way through the book I began to wonder how Suzanne Collins can up with these individual and unique ideas, things which I have NEVER came across before in a book. If its amazing story was not enough, the garment designs, which Katniss’s designer creates for her, are so much of a fantasy on its own.

I give praise to Suzanne Collins, for making such a book, which kept teenagers gripped, without the use of complete supernatural creatures.

I am really looking forward to the next instalment Mocking Jay which recently was released just days ago. But could it really live up to the difficult task of being on the same level of success and amazement as Hunger Games and Catching Fire.


I give this book

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