Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Book Review: Marley and Me by John Grogan

Title: Marley and Me
Author: John Grogan
Release Date (England): 26th July 2007
Publisher (English): Hodder and Stoughton
Price (UK pounds): £7.99
Genre: Adult- Animal/pets
Series: None
No. Pages: 384

Marley and me is the story of the narrator John Grogan and his troublesome Labrador Marley.
This book follows Marley from birth to death through all his mischief and adventures, along with his companion and owner John. It was also made into a film in 2008 staring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Anniston.

Marley and Me has been described as a definite tearjerker but will also make us all laugh.

This is a wonderful and great book, also a very simple book, with no complications, nothing to get your head around. Also for me it was nice to change from all these vampires and other supernatural creatures, to reading about the love of a man and his dog, a normal book for once.

The book really shows that a mans best friend really is his dog, and how much man and dog really do care for each other, a dog is just like another member of the family, which brought John, his wife, and children all closer together through the happiness of laughter created by Marley.
Also I think the fact that the book if true adds to the effect. The love and friendship wasn’t just something, someone randomly though of one day, this was real, an experience the author had lived himself.

Throughout the whole of this book I was nearly in tears from laughter, as was my mum when she read it. It’s a definite read for everyone, especially the whole family. But Marley and me is not just a novel, Marley also stars in four cartoon books for children, which John Grogan made himself.

I give this book

Due to the fact it is a good book, but not the best ive ever read.

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  1. I absolutely loved this, and it made me cry like a baby. Great review!