Saturday, 16 April 2011

Extract of my story

Please, my lovely followers, and blog stalkers, read this extract from my book I am writing, this is the first draft... what do you think?? Comment below
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My leg jerked from the not so sudden blow to my stomach, another to my leg. The pain was excruciating.
Using my arms I tried to protect both my face and stomach from anymore hits. My head frantically moved from side to side to find any sort of clue to what was happening, my vision was blurred by the tears filling my eyes and all I could see  was coloured blobs dancing from side to side, what I assumed to be my attackers. My heart was beating so fast I was scared that it was about to force its way out of my chest.
Was the thought of death crossing my mind? Yes. I screamed and screamed as loud as I could until I couldn’t physically scream anymore, it made the pain from the rest of my body go away slightly and gave me a little bit of hope that this, what could only be referred to as torture would soon stop, I could hear the laughing and teasing surrounding me, taunting my helplessness. The laughter grew as a foot suddenly slammed into my ribs causing a cracking sound to fill the air. My hands automatically flew to my injured ribs, forcing pressure onto it, subsiding the pain slightly.
People say moments like this seem to feel like forever. I never believed them people, until now.

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