Friday, 5 August 2011

The Three Most Influential Author's of Our Time

All three of these author's I guess would be considered as predictable, but have left a massive impression on today's literature.

3. Suzanne Collins (Author of The Hunger Games Trilogy)

Suzanne Collins is many YA reader's current favourite author's, the Hunger Games Trilogy managing to reach the majority of favourite book list's.
Her amazing story lines, strong characters, and unique world have made her books an addictive read for many.

It is known to be Suzanne Collin's: Hunger Games series, which made Dystopian one of the most successful book trends.

2. Stephenie Meyer (Twilight Saga)

Stephenie Meyer, is probably one of the most criticized author's to ever grace the steps of the book industry, yet is a favourite for many.
Despite the many people who would disagree with my decision of adding her to this list, but without Twilight being as popular as it became reading for Teenager's wouldn't be as big as it is today.
Her series also started a two year long trend in Vampire and other Supernatural books.

1. JK Rowling (Harry Potter Series)

The most successful author in history, with both her book series, and the film adaptions breaking  numerous records, she is the obvious choice for the most influential author in the YA industry.
Her magical world, full of complex story lines, relateable character's and well everything else which makes a good book, changed not just Children's books, but Adults too. She bought people of all ages together reading and taking an interest. And just when reading was loosing it's WOW factor, she introduced her wizarding world and amazing pieces of literature.

She is the author who got a number of generations and will for years to come.

So Do you agree with my choices?
Do you think different?
Feel free to post your opinion in the comment box below.

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  1. I agree! These authors are the reasons why so many teenagers are reading again!