Sunday, 28 August 2011

Weekend Question

Weekend Question is hosted by Liz at Cleverly Inked

Do you read the books before your child does? Or do you think parents have the right to say yes or no to a book?
Honestly, I believe that this Question is one which could be accompanied by hours of discussion.
Yes I do believe that up to a certain age a parent should perhaps supervise what their child reads, but I believe that once I have a child I probably will allow my child to read what they want.
My mum, didn't care what I read as a child, firstly because as a child I had gone through alot, things which were unlikely to be featured in children's books, and by the time I was reading Adult and YA books she believed it was right for me to read what I want to read, even if that book involved sex when I was twelve.
Also I think it believes it depends on how the child in question will respond to what was in the book. I have always been mature and the book would be very unlikely to leave an ever-lasting impression on me.

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