Friday, 4 March 2011

Book Discussion: Paperback Vs Hardback

book discussion

The ever lasting battle in the book world: Paperback Vs Hardback, finally hits my blog.

I believe everyone has a preferred choice, and ocassionally them choices will change.
At the beginning of my reading obsession, I almost refused to even look at a hardback book, they were uncomfy for me to read and looked much more intimidating them Paperback books. But now I am actually torn and if I had to pick I would more than likely pick Hardbacks.

So here are my pro's and con's of both.

  • Comfier to read.
  • Cheaper
  • Fits in your hand better.
  • Ocassionally have better covers.
  • Later release date for most books
  • Spine bends depending on the paperback type, for example American paperback don't tend to get a damaged spine.
  • Easier to damage, for example: accidently creasing the front cover.
  • More likely to have small (to the extreme) writing size.
  • Look better on bookshelf.
  • Spine doesn't bend
  • Less likely to get damaged.
  • Released first.
  • Expensive (Like so OTT!!)
  • Uncomfy
Also what I have never understood fully about Hardbacks is the Dustcover, it's there to protect the book but I would much rather the dustcover look nice compared to the actually hard cover, escpecially because most 'proper' cover's of a hardback book don't have the book cover design on it.

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