Sunday, 24 July 2011

Book Discussion: Controversial Issues in Books

Controversial issues are and always will be quite a sticky subject, especially in the Young adult book market.
All Young Adult books include many different issues and obstacles the character's face, this doesn't just include book's such as those written by Sarah Dessen and Jennifer Echols, but also Suzanne Collin's Hunger Games series, or Maggie Steifvater's Wolves of Mercy Falls. Just some books use mythical creatures, instead of people.

Author's are constantly criticized because apparently they didn't deal with writing about issues such as self-harm or grief in the 'right' way, but is there honestly a right way?

No. Each person differs depending on their past and present experiences and what kind of person they were raised to be. For example two people going through the same thing, like the divorce of their parents will tackle this sticky situation in completely different ways, one may turn to drugs, the other an eating disorder.
I think it is wrong that a reader can criticize a book, for apparently being wrong without any proof or evidence to back-up their accusation. We don't know everyone in the world, we don't know how they deal with things, therefore we don't know if there is a possibility that at least one person in the world will act like that.
Also many writer's base character's on themselves or people surrounding them, such as Laurie Halse Anderson, who wrote Wintergirls, based on information she has received from her reader's and even had a specialist in treating patients with eating disorders to check over her manuscript to make sure all psychological deterioration was accurate. But I have read countless reviews on blogs and Goodreads, along with a number of other websites, where people have criticized Laurie's books for not being accurate or realistic, in the way main character Lia dealt with things.

I think it is about time for reader's to realise that firstly author's write for themselves and not other, and also the majority of writer's WILL obsessively RESEARCH about the issues their story is based on.

Thank you for reading, feel free to voice your opinion in the comment section below.
Also please suggest any book discussion ideas for me to write about.

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