Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Book Review: Entangled by Cat Clarke

Title: Entangled
Series: N/A
Author: Cat Clarke
Publisher: Quercus Publishing Plc
Publication Date: 6th January 2011
Pages: 372
Special Features: N/A
Goodreads Average Rating: 3.92

 The same questions whirl round and round in my head:
What does he want from me?
How could I have let this happen?
17-year-old Grace wakes up in a white room, with a table, pens and paper - and no clue how she got here.
As Grace pours her tangled life onto the page, she is forced to remember everything she's tried to forget. There's falling hopelessly in love with the gorgeous Nat, and the unravelling of her relationship with her best friend Sal. But there's something missing. As hard as she's trying to remember, is there something she just can't see?
Grace must face the most important question of all. Why is she here?
Despite my rating, I did really enjoy this book, but it managed to let it's self down in certain places.

What caught my attention was the very interesting plot line, and I was so excited when I started reading it.
The book started out very interesting and I was already captured by the first page, but after a while it just began to loose it's effect on me, yes I was still interested but for me there was too much flashback then there was present time.

The book left me in streams of tears, it really caught my heart and ripped it into pieces. It talks the truth, it shows that the life of a teenager isn't just fine and dandy like many adults seem to believe, but instead we are forced to put up with a lot of drama.
For a stand alone book this was left with a cliffhanger and many knots needed to be tied, this affected my rating alot. Also the present time writing confused me a bit especially near the end, I kept constantly having to re-read pages and lines etc... but still couldn't figure it out.

The author touches on some very important topics, aimed at teenager's in the book, which I personally believe were tackled with class and maturity.

I liked Grace the main character, and she is anything but forgettable, but on occasional she was too much in your face, too talk-a-tive, pushy and well a number of other things. There was times I just couldn't stand her one bit.
The other characters well represent who they are portrayed to be, but also who they come after overcoming a number of obstacle's, they are faced with.
This book is....

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  1. Finally, I'd like to address the ending. While predictable, the twist was still gut wrenching and, for maybe the first time, I felt truly sorry for Grace. And while this could have been a good thing, considering the writer chose to put it at the end of the book, it just feels like a huge unresolved issue and made me feel frustrated, angry and depressed after closing the book. And NOT in a good way. I honestly just want to forget I ever read it.