Friday, 22 July 2011

Book Review: Forsaken/The Demon Trapper's Daughter by Jana Oliver

Forsaken (The Demon Trappers, #1)Title: Forsaken/ The Demon Trapper's Daughter
Series: The Demon Trapper's Daughter
Author: Jana Oliver
Publisher: MacMillian's Children's Books
Publication Date: 1st Feburary 2011
Pages: 448
Special Features: N/A
Goodreads Average Rating: 4.02

 Riley Blackthorne just needs a chance to prove herself – and that’s exactly what the demons are counting on…

Seventeen-year-old Riley, the only daughter of legendary Demon Trapper, Paul Blackthorne, has always dreamed of following in her father's footsteps. The good news is, with human society seriously disrupted by economic upheaval and Lucifer increasing the number of demons in all major cities, Atlanta’s local Trappers’ Guild needs all the help they can get – even from a girl. When she’s not keeping up with her homework or trying to manage her growing crush on fellow apprentice, Simon, Riley’s out saving distressed citizens from foul-mouthed little devils – Grade One Hellspawn only, of course, per the strict rules of the Guild. Life’s about as normal as can be for the average demon-trapping teen.

But then a Grade Five Geo-Fiend crashes Riley’s routine assignment at a library, jeopardizing her life and her chosen livelihood. And, as if that wasn’t bad enough, sudden tragedy strikes the Trappers’ Guild, spinning Riley down a more dangerous path than she ever could have imagined. As her whole world crashes down around her, who can Riley trust with her heart – and her life?

This book was so fasinating and intriguing, well worth a read.
I had followed this book for a while, before it came out, disappointed when I had no money when it did, but it wasn't long till I found it. I started reading it almost straight away, but well my book broke (BTW if your edition has damaged in anyway, please comment below with information, just checking if there is an all round book fault or just mine) fortunately once I got a new one I was instantly back into the flow of reading it.

This book is surpisingly set in 7years from now, 2018, it shows how just a short amount of time can change everything, and maybe minus the demon's this book has a believbility factor about it.

From the first page I found myself gripped, barely able to put it down. The action begins straight from the first page til the last. I honestly thought this book was going to be about trapping demon's, but it's really about much more. It  also sends out some important messages to the reader, such as: how important family is and well as always having a form of hope.

The book was well planned out and structured, and it is obvious that Jana Oliver really put allot of planning and time into making such a fantastic book. There is much more to it than well-developed character's, but basically a whole new world, and different types of demon's which have also been created.

Protagonist, Riley Blackthorne, is one of the strongest lead females I have ever came across in not just the literature world, but in films and real-life. She is an inspiration and a role-model for all females out there. She shows that family is important, friends too, and that without hope we have nothing left.

I found no fault's with this book, everything about it was near perfect, I can't wait for the sequel: Forbidden/Soul Thief to hit the shelves on the 5th August (UK) and 30th August (US)

I give this book a well-deserved...

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